Fixed headstock type NC automatic latheCNC-7BC/6BCYears of production 1978 - 1984

The first machines equipped with NC units to be sold under the Miyano name were the CNC-7BC/6BC series.

Arranging a wide, 12-station turret and a large-diameter spindle in parallel gave a machine construction with little thermal displacement, and combining these with a heavyweight bed made from a monobloc casting resulted in a machine that excelled in the heavy-duty cutting of medium to large diameter workpieces.

It is user-friendly bar & chucker machines that fused the automatic lathe technology built up over many years with the latest NC technology at the time. The optional tailstock also allowed the machining of long workpieces.

Fixed headstock type NC automatic lathe CNC-7BC/6BC
Bar capacity : ø54mm
Chuck capacity : 8"
Turret tool positions : 12
Turret index speed : 3.2sec./1pos.
Max. spindle speed : 3000min-1
Main motor : DC11kW