Sliding headstock type cam automatic latheB-0 (AB type)Years of production 1938 -

Watch parts were produced by the Swiss made machines in early 1930s. However, since the price was high and also difficult to obtain, it was aimed in-house production the machinery. Three models (B-0, B-2, B-1) were developed for making watch parts, measuring instruments, and other precision components in 1937. Production of B-0 (AB-0 type) which becomes the origin of AB type was started in following 1938. This small automatic lathe that is driven from the driving shaft formed in the ceiling can perform high spindle speed by adopting "Adjustable pre-compression hardened double taper bearings". Thus high precision turning is enabled by using advanced technology as for that age of 1930s.

Sliding headstock type cam automatic lathe B-0(AB type)
Max. machining diameter : ø2mm (brass)
ø1.5mm (steel)
Max. machining length : 15mm
Number of tools : 3
Max. spindle speed : 4000min-1
Motor : 1/10HP