Sliding headstock type NC automatic latheD-16Years of production 1971 - 1982

In 1968 the XB-16 was developed for use in internal watch part production. In 1971 the more advanced D-16 was launched with the option to choose NC hardware from Fanuc, Okipath, Meldas, Tosnuc or Nedac. The first delivery was in January 1971 to Minebea Co., Ltd. and exports of the D-16 to Europe and the U.S. began in February and May respectively. It is the first model that came to be known under the name "Cincom" - Citizen Numerically Controlled Machine.

Sliding headstock type NC automatic lathe D-16
Max. machining diameter : ø20mm
Max. machining length : 100mm
Number of tools : 8
Max. spindle speed : 5030min-1 (15-speed)
Motor : 3.7kW