Sliding headstock type cam automatic latheC-7Years of production 1957 - 1970

The C-7 is a developed version of a prototype cam-type automatic lathe that was designed during WWⅡ. Today, there are still a number of the machines in operation at the in-house facility of the Citizen Group. Tools are arranged radiating out from the guide bush and lateral and longitudinal movements are controlled by independent cams; realising complex machining without using form tools. Utilising its three spindle drilling attachment the machine can also perform end face drilling.

Sliding headstock type cam automatic lathe C-7
Max. machining diameter : ø10mm (brass)
ø7mm (steel)
Max. machining length : 50mm
Number of tools : 8
Max. spindle speed : 8900min-1 (16-speed)
Motor : 1.5kW