Fixed headstock type cam automatic latheALS-B16Years of production 1954 - 1960

This was our first model equipped with a turret and founded the basis for the universal series. Comprising the turret installed on the vertical axis and the spindle that has the ability to automatically adjust its speed and change the direction of rotation, gained high reputation as the ideal model for thread cutting at bolt and nut manufacturers and boosted its sales all over Japan.

This epoch making model served as the impetus for changing the company's name to "Miyano Machinery Co., Ltd.", recognized as a company that manufactures files and automatic lathes in parallel, since it made the company name at the time, "Miyano File Co.", outdated as far as customers who were looking for automatic lathes were concerned.

Fixed headstock type cam automatic lathe ALS-B16
Max machining diameter : ø16mm
Max machining length : 65mm
Spindle speed : 2500min-1
Spindle motor : 1.5kW