Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We will contribute to society by creating "Ko No Ryosan," our revolutionary mass production solution on the global cutting edge that enables mass customization--high volumes of unique pieces.

As part of our corporate activities, we will operate our Quality Management System (QMS) with open management and set up the necessary systems and organizations to respond to all customer needs.

Quality Policy Efforts

In order to give the customer the highest level of satisfaction possible, we work constantly to provide revolutionary technologies and quality. Considering it part of our corporate duty, we work to preserve the environment and improve the living environment in each region by performing the following:

  • Compliance with laws, regulations, and other requirements
  • Promoting energy efficiency, resource efficiency, and recycling
  • Setting targets and objectives
  • Pollution prevention
  • Continuous improvement


Desing,development, manufacture and service of machine tools.

  • Karuizawa Headquarters
  • Tokorozawa Works
  • Kitakami Works
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