Green Procurement


At Citizen Machinery, our environmental policy is to “make contributions to sustainable civil society through business activities that consider the people of the world and the global environment that will allow those same people to live secure and spiritually rich lives.” To achieve that goal, a portion of our corporate activity is devoted to compliance with laws and the continual improvement of environmental load management through an Environmental Management System (EMS) that ensures transparency.

We see the idea of “manufacturing environmentally conscious products” as crucial for us as a manufacturer to minimize the load we place on the environment in order to provide customers with those products, beginning with environmental considerations such as energy and resource efficiency, and reductions waste and hazardous chemicals.

For this reason, at Citizen we apply our guidelines for Green Procurement, which prioritize purchasing environmentally-friendly products, component parts, and materials from suppliers who also undertake environmental management.

We want to make certain that all of our suppliers understand the critical nature of these environmental considerations, and we ask for their cooperation with our efforts toward Green Procurement.

Overview of Green Procurement at Citizen Machinery

Products, components that comprise products, raw materials, packing materials (except those for protection during shipping), accessories, and the like.
What is Green Procurement?
Green Procurement means prioritizing the purchase of environmentally-friendly products, components, and raw materials from suppliers who actively promote environmental management when sourcing.
Purchasing policy
We will prioritize purchasing "green parts" from "green suppliers" based on our Green Procurement Guidelines.

* Please refer to our Green Procurement Guidelines and Green Procurement Guideline -- Supplementary Volume.

To be submitted by suppliers

We request that these be submitted in accordance with the above Green Procurement Guidelines. Please download the three forms below to complete and submit.