Combining machinery and technological expertise with technologies
that integrate each element seamlessly

alkapplysolution is a collection of content that fuses an array of functional and technical know-how
accumulated through years of work at Citizen Machinery
with ICT (Information & Communication Technology) to offer various solutions.
alkapplysolution includes many of the key elements that help make it possible to create mass customization
"Ko No Ryosan" our principle of creating unique pieces at a high volume.
It is also what serves to connect and integrate a variety of key elements
such as mechanical equipment functionalities with technical expertise from engineers, plant managers, and others.
In the near future, we want to put manufacturing on a global scale in our sights.
We will soon be able to connect multiple remote plants to operate as one.

The eight elements of alkapplysolution


Supports the creation of machining programs through an interactive interface. Programs can be created more efficiently, especially by beginners.

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Enables management of a tooling list, machining layout charts and NC programs in combination. Consolidated management of this information, which is often separated, improves work efficiency. It also enables synchronized editing of machining programs for multiple axis control groups.

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alkarttransfer (network I/O function)

Enables inputting/outputting of machining programs via LAN. You can transfer the program to the machine immediately after creating it on the PC to improve the efficiency of the work up to running the program on the machine. It is also possible to input programs stored in the machine to the PC.

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