Corporate Code of Conduct
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Corporate Code of Conduct

Citizen Group took our transition to a pure holding company on April 1, 2007 as an opportunity to enact the Citizen Group Corporate Code of Conduct. By approaching all of our business activities in compliance with this Code of Conduct, we will continue to fulfill our social obligations as a corporation and contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

Citizen Group Corporate Code of Conduct

We operate our business in compliance with all laws and internal regulations, and in accordance with the Citizen Group's Corporate Code of Conduct.
Following our corporate philosophy of “Contributing to and Striving to be Respected by the Citizens of the World” at Citizen Group,

We will provide our customers with products and services that take safety, quality, and the environment into careful consideration.
We will compete fairly, transparently, and freely in our business dealings, and will maintain healthy relationships with governments and other authorities.
We will aim for communication with society at large through both the active and impartial disclosure of our corporate information and appropriate information management.
We consider environmental problems to be shared by all of humanity, and we see addressing them through management as essential to the existence and activity of a company, and we seek to do so actively by taking our own initiative.
We will work hard to place great importance on coexisting in regional societies and making contributions to the same as a good corporate citizen.
In addition to ensuring that our work environments are safe and worker-friendly, we will place great value on the character, individuality, and diversity of our employees to bring out their capabilities and vitality.
We will adopt an uncompromising attitude in dealing with antisocial forces and organizations.
In doing business outside of Japan, we will work to value local cultures and customs and make contributions to the development of any region we are in.
Top management at each group company will recognize the practice of this Code of Conduct as their role, setting an example through leadership and spreading it not only throughout their own company, but also to their suppliers and partners. They will aim to have a strong understanding at all times of voices both within and outside of the company in order to building and maintaining an effective internal structure to ensure the thorough practice of corporate ethics.

The company and each of its employees will work ceaselessly to uphold this Corporate Code of Conduct. In the event that this Code of Conduct is violated, the company where the violation occurred will find its own solution to the issue and take action to prevent recurrence, as well as report appropriately to society. Strict but impartial action will be taken once authority and responsibility have been made clear.

April 6, 2007

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