CNC Lathe


  • Combines a gantry loader and NC loader for labor-saving operation
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Items   LX-06E3 LX-08E3
Power chuck size   6" hydraulic drive 8" hydraulic drive
Maximum diameter of Collet Chuck Stationary/Draw type ø50/50mm ø51/51mm
Maximum machining diameter   ø165mm ø210mm
Maximum Machining Length Limited by tail-stock 250mm 220mm
Spindle Speed Range   60~5,000min-1 40~4,000min-1
Spindle motor   AC 7.5/5.5kW AC 11/7.5kW
Type of Turret   8St.Turret
Shank Height of Square Turning Tool   □20mm □25mm
Tool hole diameter   ø32mm ø40mm
Slide Stroke X axis 150mm
Z axis 300mm
Turret indexing time   0.25sec./1pos.
Live center size   MT.3
Tail-stock Slide Maximum thrust force   4.9kN/1.9Mpa
Quill travel   100
Tail-stock Slide travel   185
Floor space(machine only)   1,550×1,480mm 1,620×1,480mm
Machine Weight(machine only) Approx. 2,500kg 2,820kg
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