Fixed Headstock Type CNC Automatic Lathe


  • It realizes reduction of machining time through improved simultaneous machining performance
  • It realizes 3-tool simultaneous machining through overlapping control
  • It is equipped with two 12 station turrets to flexibly response to a wide variety of machining needs
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Items BNE-51MSY
Maximum Machining Diameter of Bar Work SP1 ø51mm
SP2 ø51mm
Maximum machining length   90mm
Type of Turret HD1 12St.Turret
HD2 12St.Turret
Slide Stroke HD1 X1 axis 195mm
Z1 axis 380mm
Y1 axis 80(±40) mm
HD2 X2 axis 195mm
Z2 axis 175mm
SP2 X3 axis 155mm
Z3 axis 450mm
Shank Height of Square Turning Tool   □20mm
Tool hole diameter   ø25mm
Maximum Number of Revolving Tools HD1 12
HD2 12
Main spindle speed range SP1 & SP2 5,000min-1
Spindle motor SP1 15/11kW
SP2 7.5/5.5kW
Rivolving Tool Motor   2.2kw 20Nm 4.0kw 25Nm(OP.)
Machine Height   2,050mm
Floor Space   2,725×2,159mm
Machine Weight   8,000kg
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