Fixed headstock type NC automatic latheBNC-75Ⅱ
Years of production 1983 - 1985
BNC-75Ⅱ was developed as the concept of replacement from the cam type automatic lathe to NC controlled automatic lathe. High basic functions, such as floor saving compact size, 6 position Turret, 34mm bar spindle, bar & chucker application, high-speed turret index, Quill type precision spindle with little heat deviation, high rigid monoblock casting and good operability made this model as the early model of a best seller "BNC series" that one of leading model for Miyano Company.
Fixed headstock type NC automatic lathe BNC-75Ⅱ
Bar capacity ø34mm
Chuck capacity ø75mm
Turret tool positions 6
Turret index speed 0.45sec./1pos.
Max. spindle speed 5000min-1
Main motor 3.7kW