Product Development Concepts

A concept of 'value' desired by 21st Century Society
A future fusion of both mass and individual methods to create
"Ko No Ryosan" manufacturing.

The newly created CITIZEN MACHINERY operation, which started in 2011,
has grown through innovative new age production systems.

We continuously challenge the boundaries of what is possible by utilising the strengths and products from both Cincom and Miyano brands
in order to further evolve the company and create new values through more advanced fusion.

In 2013 we formulated a corporate vision that would provide the most up-to-date solution
to production innovation (Ko No Ryosan) in the world to customers to establish our position as a new manufacturer
and to help our customers increase their own corporate value through our solutions.

The keyword is "Ko No Ryosan".

As business models that are based upon cost-cutting reach their limits,
there is an increasing demand for a model to increase productivity and added-value in manufacturing.

As a partner working hand-in-hand with our customers,
we aim to provide innovative solutions to customers that will fuse together both mass
and individualised production methods in order to achieve higher levels of productivity.

We have developed a completely new automated lathe that can handle the demands of mass production
as well as specific varieties, quantities, locations and schedules.

These improvements can be made for any machine tool and utilize our 'alkapplysolution' business solution,
which leverages ICT (Information Communication Technology).

We are now able to quickly manufacture a variety of machines that will meet customer needs through our introduction of modular design
that enables different models to be developed by combining a series of functional modules.

We will bring together our development,
production and sales division expertise to propose a manufacturing solution that will let you achieve "Ko No Ryosan".

Manufacturing has become even more complicated in modern times and today we must mass produce a large variety of different products.

Our mission at CITIZEN MACHINERY is to achieve manufacturing innovations for our customers using "Ko No Ryosan"
and to challenge ourselves to create ever higher values.


Our Advanced Engineering Development Offers Optimal Parts Machining Proposals for Customers

Cincom originated as the manufacturing operation for Citizen, and in 1970 created the world’s first NC lathe.

Our machine lineup mainly centres on sliding headstock type CNC automatic lathes which provide optimised, highly precise and high speed machining processes with an established reputation for ease-of-use.

Cincom has developed and brought to market products that utilise not only machining technology for highly precise, small diameters and miniaturisation, but also numerical control techniques that achieve high productivity, involving multiple axis systems with superimposed control and advanced technologies such as networking amongst automatic lathes.

We have continued to provide operator friendly automatic lathes to customers around the world.

We are able to provide the best application to meet individual parts machining by utilising our extensive machining know-how gained over the years.

We help our customers in a wide variety of fields such as the automobile, medical and IT sectors to innovate their manufacturing solutions.

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Global Customers Praise our Strengths

Miyano was created as a manufacturer of superfine industrial files and then in 1948 succeeded in developing the first automatic cam-driven lathe in Japan.

After this success the company continued to develop into a brand well-established for automatic lathes and CNC lathes.

Our main product is the highly rigid fixed headstock CNC automatic lathe that is able to perform heavy cutting cycles and this strength has been well received by our customers around the world.

Our best selling products include the BNA, BNJ and BNE Series, in addition to our lineup of forging machinery and multiple axis automatic lathes.

Over the years we have provided total solutions to our customers that often included peripheral equipment to meet a diverse range of manufacturing needs.

We continue to provide highly reliable and durable machines for the production lines of our customers mainly in the automobile sectors, construction equipment and hydraulic equipment fields.

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New "Automatic Lathe"

Mass and Individualised Production
In Supporting 21st Century Manufacturing

The original starting point and goal of automatic lathes was to create a large number of the same component as fast as possible.

However, as mass production accelerates, and needs become more diversified in the 21st century, there are new demands both to accommodate large continuous production lines, changing products and quantities.

One answer that integrates this mass and individual production method is the MC20 Multi-station- Machining Cell.

This new automatic lathe incorporates not only the technologies and know-how developed in the Cincom and Miyano brand products of CITIZEN MACHINERY, but also the development of modules that achieve optimised processes in diversified production and the mixed production of multiple different products with the integrated Multiline parallel control system.

This achieves a high degree of freedom in both highly productive mass production and smaller variable quantity manufacturing methods.

This product makes the “Ko No Ryosan” concept a reality and we will continue to incorporate such multi-functional modules and develop our series of products to support 21st century manufacturing.

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We provide a total solution using the latest networking and accumulated processing technologies.

alkapplysolution is a tailored manufacturing solution able to help solve the problem of a lack of skilled technicians at customer’s facilities where members are able to access the CITIZEN MACHINERY website to help them train and improve their technical ability. For instance, the NC options and Citizen developed macros help when complicated machining cycles are involved.

These can be viewed at any time in order to improve productivity. In addition, alkartpro2cloud, a cloud dialogue service with machining simulation integrates programming knowledge while alkartlive, enables the management of operational information such as situation reporting and relaying which machines are operational or suspended.

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Take your productivity to the next level
With next-generation processing technologies

Conventional turning lathe machining suffers from numerous issues that can severely hinder productivity. Swarf is difficult to break up, and can become entangled in tools and processed parts or damage product surfaces. Processes that continue with entangled chips generate tool friction and can lead to defects. Machining has always struggled with these problems, so Citizen set out to resolve it by researching an innovative swarf control technology called low frequency vibration cutting. Now, we are proud to make LFV commercially available to all.

After first offering LFV with the VC03 in the fall of 2013, we went on to add the function to our automatic lathe machines for bar-shaped materials. This cutting-edge solution gained recognition not only in Japan, but in the US and Europe as well. This technology is fast becoming established as a must-have in automatic lathing. Citizen will continue to research solutions for chip-related problems in the hopes of further boosting productivity at customer worksites.

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LFV technology
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