Combining machinery and technological expertise with technologies
that integrate each element seamlessly

alkapplysolution is a collection of content that fuses an array of functional and technical know-how
accumulated through years of work at Citizen Machinery
with ICT (Information & Communication Technology) to offer various solutions.
alkapplysolution includes many of the key elements that help make it possible to create mass customization
"Ko No Ryosan" our principle of creating unique pieces at a high volume.
It is also what serves to connect and integrate a variety of key elements
such as mechanical equipment functionalities with technical expertise from engineers, plant managers, and others.
In the near future, we want to put manufacturing on a global scale in our sights.
We will soon be able to connect multiple remote plants to operate as one.

Elements of alkapplysolution

Useful information
alkart shop

Allows you to search for information about machining, and check the details of machine operations and maintenance inspections by using online manuals and videos.

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Workforce Training
alkart school

Allows you to take high-quality e-learning courses on NC programming anytime, anywhere.

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NC programming
alkart site

Supports NC programming through the conversational interface with graphical guide.

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alkart site

Achieves centralized management of tooling lists and NC programs.

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NC program related functions
alkart site

Allows you to purchase software options online at any time.

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alkart site

Inputs/outputs NC programs via the network.

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Production Instructions
alkart shop

Enables scheduled operation for continuous production of various parts.

Operation Monitor
alkart school

Visualizes your machine status and operation data easily and at low cost.

alkart school
Data Analysis Service

Analyzes data acquired by operation monitoring systems and alkartsation and submits them in reports.

alkart school

Notifies you about machine alarms via email.

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Remote support
alkart site

Enables monitoring and remote operation through the Internet.

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