Environmental Policy

For a sustainable society

At Citizen Machinery's main plant, nestled in Karuizawa's rich natural environment, each one of our employees works to scrutinize the relationships between our products and the global environment, aims to improve the regional and living environment and preserve the natural environment, and puts their most diligent effort toward our company's social responsibilities.

Environmental policies

Fundamental policy

Based on our corporate philosophy of “Contributing to and Striving to be Respected by the Citizens of the World” at Citizen Group, we will make sustainable contributions to civil society through business activities that consider the people of the world and the global environment that will allow those same people to live secure and spiritually rich lives.

Guide for environmental action

The entire Citizen Group is dedicated as a global corporation to promote global environment preservation activities meant to realize a sustainable society.

We will promote environmentally-minded manufacturing and put efforts toward the preservation by providing products and services that take the environment into account.
We will follow and comply with all laws, ordinances, regulations, and agreements to reduce loads on the environment and prevent pollution.
We will promote efficiency of energy and resources in our plants and offices, as well as appropriate controls for chemical substances in order to prevent global warming and contribute to realizing a sound material-cycle society.
We will cooperate with our suppliers and other partners to reduce greenhouse gases, use resources efficiently, and strengthen controls for chemical substances used in our products.
We will aim to deepen our communication with society and further harmonize our company with it by actively disclosing information on our participation in activities geared toward the preservation of the environment and its biodiversity within regional societies.
We will use text and other means to make these environmental policies known and understood to each of our employees and others we work with.

We will determine our environmental goals and objectives according to these environmental policies, will execute them reliably, evaluate them, and work to revise them in an effort toward continuous improvement.



  • Karuizawa Headquarters
  • Tokorozawa Works
  • Kitakami Works
  • Saku Works

Examples of waste reduction activities

Biodegradation processing of waste coating material using microbes

At Citizen Machinery's Karuizawa Headquarters, we use biodegradation processing that breaks down waste coating materials that contain organic materials to help us reduce the amount of waste that we produce. This process is executed using a system that creates no waste water, consisting of a wet coating booth that collects coating mist using a flow of water containing microbes along with processing drums equipped with devices that supply oxygen to the microbes as well as mixers. All that remains as waste are inorganic materials such as pigments. Compared to the conventional method of separating and collecting coatings using chemicals, we have reduced the volume of waste to roughly one third. Thanks to our microbial processing technique, the waste no longer retains the characteristic smell of organic solvents or the viscosity of coating sludge, bringing about other effects such as improving the work environment and reducing cleaning maintenance for equipment.

Sludge from biodegradation processing

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