Multi spindle automaticsMT4-B12Years of production 1970 - 1996

This was the first genuine Japanese-made multi-spindle automatic lathe, developed for small and medium-sized enterprises with the concept of low price, space-savings and ease of use.

In addition to the compactness of the body thanks to the adoption of an overhead cam shaft construction, the patented pickup unit for back machining made it possible to chuck the workpiece at any required position, and the feed could be switched with the electromagnetic clutch, greatly improving ease of use.

In 1971 this model was awarded the first Automatization Prize for Small and Medium Sized Firms and Companies from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Machine Industry.

Multi spindle automatics MT4-B12
Max. machining diameter : ø12mm
Max. work length : 30mm
Number of spindles : 4
Spindle motor : 3.75kW